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New Star Lasers dba CoolTouch Inc., a leading U.S.-based developer and manufacturer of innovative, advanced laser products for medical professionals, is considered a pioneer in the medical and aesthetics technology industry. The company’s focus is to solve medical problems through scientific innovation and the development of cutting-edge technology. CoolTouch is backed by an extensive intellectual property collection, with more than 20 active patents.

CoolTouch is firmly committed to exceeding the expectations of medical professionals and patients alike. The company’s products are designed to produce substantial, highly-effective results with less patient downtime, while providing the most effective technology for physicians.

In 1994, medical professionals were introduced to CoolTouch’s signature 1320 nm wavelength laser. The launch of CoolTouch’s non-ablative wrinkle treatment featured the first technology to use a wavelength that targets water in dermal tissue, rather than blood or melanin. Setting a new standard, CoolTouch’s pioneering technology virtually created the non-ablative skin resurfacing market and set new standards for shorter patient downtime and minimal complications compared to previous ablative laser technologies. CoolTouch’s products and technology continue to set the bar for effective treatment of acne scarring and wrinkle treatments.

In 2004, CoolTouch further enhanced its position in the market with the introduction of the CoolTouch CTEV™ system for treatment of varicose veins. The system is used in a relatively new procedure called endovenous laser ablation, which provides patients with an attractive alternative to vein stripping. Doctors have reported that the endovenous procedure provides less discomfort, a quicker recovery period and better clinical and cosmetic outcomes at a lower cost than other available treatments. CoolTouch CTEV is cited as having a greater than 95% closure of varicose veins after just one treatment.

In 2007, CoolTouch directed its energy at solving one of the most widespread cosmetic concerns – fat removal and tightening of associated loose skin. The CoolTouch CoolLipo™ system gained immediate success for its ability to sculpt areas of the body that are not easily treated by conventional liposuction. Studies indicate that the method in which CoolLipo’s energy is delivered provides a more effective ablation of fat with less collateral damage than other lasers. CoolTouch recently introduced the CoolBlue Duet™, the first handpiece on the market that lases and aspirates simultaneously, saving physicians and patients time and providing tighter skin more efficiently.

With a reputation for customer service and a focus on developing high quality, durable products, CoolTouch has secured a loyal consumer base of esteemed medical professionals that continues to grow, and has established the company as a recognizable, trusted brand. CoolTouch has won many prestigious awards, including a perennial listing as one of the 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in Sacramento (1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2005 and 2006); the Vanguard Award in 1998 for excellence in manufacturing and again in 2001 for achievement in worldwide export; Start up of the Year Award 1996; and Aesthetic Magazine’s Best Wrinkle Laser 2005 & 2006.

CoolTouch products are cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and are exclusively made in the United States in Roseville, Calif. CoolTouch has an ISO 13485 certified world-class quality system, is GMP qualified and all CoolTouch products bear the CE mark, a conformity distinction awarded by the European Commission. The company is privately-owned.

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