CoolTouch EZ PASS FiberEZ PASS™ Fiber

"I have had the opportunity of using EZ PASS fibers for thermal ablations of both great and small saphenous veins. I have found this fiber to have a "silky smotth" passage throughout the vein lumen and greater maneuverability & flexibility in passing through venous tortousities and/or in traversing intra-luminal partial obstructions to passage. Moreover, to my eye, it is more echogenic on ultrasound, improving visibility of tip localization at the junctions"
— Bob Cushing, MD, FACEP, FACPh

CoolTouch SaphFireSaphFire™ Fiber

Unique fiber for endovenouse ablation of difficult veins

“The SaphFire laser fiber is an excellent addition to our endovenous laser procedure technology. This fiber can be passed without the need for a sheath in many instances, travels a tortuous vein with relative ease due to the protected, smooth tip, is more echogenic than other fibers, and has excellent handling characteristics.”
— John R. Kingsley, MD, FACS, RVT

600μm Fibers

Single-Use 600μm Fiber

Reusable Fiber (5x) 600μm Fiber


Automatic Pullback DeviceAutomatic Pullback Device


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