CoolTouch offers comprehensive training/workshops for each laser application. Below you will find a list physician trainers certified in CoolTouch laser equipment to meet your training needs.

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Douglas J. Key, MD, PC Product Training for: CoolLipo & CoolBreeze

Douglas J. Key, MD, PC
Key Laser Institute

Portland, Oregon
Key Laser Institute

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“The value and versatility that are combined in the CoolLipo Trio cannot be overstated. CoolLipo offers our patients a great choice in body contouring and subsurface skin tightening. The Duet handpiece allows for simultaneous laser emission and aspiration, a great approach to reducing the length of the procedure. CoolBreeze is a great application for wrinkle reduction, acne and acne scarring.”

Charles Mok, DO Product Training for: CoolLipo

Charles D. Mok, DO
Allure Medical Spa
Shelby Township, MI

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"The CoolTouch combination laser allows me and my staff to provide multiple treatments with one system. We find that offering our patients multiple services builds better patient relationships. Whether it is endovenous laser ablation for varicose veins or the CoolLipo modality for laser lipolysis and skin tightening, we are able to use the same device. The CoolTouch combination laser increases our comfort level and familiarity with the machine and allows our practice to safely and efficiently treat our patients with great outcomes."

Robert Weiss, MD FACPh Product Training for: CoolLipo, CTEV

Robert Weiss, MD, FACPh
The Maryland Laser, Skin & Vein Institute
President of the ASDS
Hunt Valley, MD
Laser Lipolysis -

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"The Duet™ handpiece, which delivers laser energy and aspirates simultaneously, doubles the speed of laser lipolysis with better results and increased patient satisfaction

Edward Zimmerman, MD, PC Product Training for: CoolLipo

Edward Zimmerman, MD, PC
Las Vegas, NVM

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"After several hundred lipolysis cases in the last 18 months with the previous state of the art CoolLipo system, I've had the pleasure of working with the new 25W Trio. I've used it on jowls, necks, male and female chest/breast, axilla, flanks, torso, pubic areas, the buttocks, thighs, knees and arms with great success and significantly improved control, speed and ease. The powerful lipolysis side of the system is elegant in its simplicity to operate, powerful, quick, and yields controlled, safe, reproducible results for both fat contouring and skin tightening.


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