ROSEVILLE, CA. (October 22, 2012) -- CoolTouch Inc, a pioneering manufacturer of medical laser devices, announced today the United States Patent & Trademark Office has recently issued a patent assigned to CoolTouch Inc. The Patent No. 8,276,590 is titled “Thermally Mediated Tissue Molding.” This method and device patent includes the use of the CoolTouch CoolLipoTM Trio 1320nm laser system to heat the subdermal tissue. Immediately post-procedure the physician molds the tissue for desired effect and the new “look” transforms into permanent results with the use of properly shaped compression garments.

Edward Zimmerman, MD, a Las Vegas, NV based cosmetic surgeon and one of the patent inventors states “The tissue molding effects can be seen after the procedure in terms of pliable skin as well as the skin holding its new shape. Six month and longer follow-up shows further improvement due to the new collagen growth.” Dr. Zimmerman presented his data initially in a peer-reviewed forum at the 25th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Meeting titled: Short Pulse, 1320nm Laser Neck and Lower Face Rhytidectomy – No Strings, No Scars. The presentation was well received and Dr. Zimmerman has further perfected and evolved the outcomes achieved.

CoolTouch now holds four patents which cover laser energy and the treatment of cellulite and or fat. The patents include # 8,256,429 issued Sept 4, 2012; 8,127,771 issued March 6, 2012; and 7,217,265 issued May 15, 2007.

“The CoolTouch patent portfolio is extremely important to our business and it is the CoolTouch tradition to be on the cutting edge of new technology and techniques in order to improve the patient and physician experience.” CoolTouch CEO, David Hennings states. “These new techniques for body shaping are far more effective to shape, contour, and smooth the skin than non-invasive devices. We are directly melting the fat and molding the dermal collagen into a new shape for the patient.”

The CoolTouch CoolLipoTM Trio 1320nm laser system is FDA cleared for laser-assisted lipolysis/fat melting, wrinkle treatment and endovenous applications, however, it is not yet FDA cleared for the treatment of cellulite. Combining these modalities provides a beautiful inside-out body sculpting treatment. The laser is equipped with a thermal/ablate button for the ease of the physician to select different modes quickly and is accompanied by the largest assortment of lipolysis cannulas, handpieces, fiber sizes and accessories including the exclusive DuetTM handpiece which allows you to lase and aspirate simultaneously for reduced treatment times. The Trio is an excellent multi-procedure platform to change your practice from the inside-out. The TRIO is CE marked and sold worldwide.

CoolTouch Inc. is a leading U.S.-based developer and manufacturer of innovative, advanced laser products for medical professionals. Engineering and science-based, CoolTouch is considered a pioneer in the medical and aesthetics technology industry. CoolTouch introduced the first 1320nm wavelength laser to medical professionals for non-ablative wrinkle treatment in 1994. They continued setting new standards in the industry with the launch of the VARIA® for spider veins & hair removal, the CTEV for varicose vein treatment, CoolLipoTM for laser assisted lipolysis and VARIABreezeTM for the treatment of clear nail for patients with onychomycosis. CoolTouch products are manufactured in Roseville, Calif.

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