ReNew System The StoneLight® 30 Laser System is the next generation in Holmium: YAG laser technology, combining the power of 30 watts and 2100 nm of energy with the precision of a 532 nm aiming beam to treat a variety of stones and soft tissue. The system is designed for adaptability, portability, dependability, precision, and safety.


At 30 watts, the StoneLight 30 Laser System features Burst Mode Technology providing an effective repetition rate of 30 Hz and 2.0 - 4.0 Joules per burst. The system delivers the right amount of power and energy to effectively fragment most stones.1

Selectable Pulse Widths

The StoneLight 30 Laser System provides four selectable pulse widths (150µs, 300µs, 600µs, 800µs), adjustable pulse rates of 5 - 20 Hz, and fixed effective repetition rate of 30 Hz, offering multiple settings for treating stones as well as soft tissue and to help minimize retropulsion.2,3

Adaptability / 5 Programmable Memory Buttons

The unique Graphic User Interface incorporates custom features with a touch screen and 5 programmable memory buttons to store frequently used settings for quick recall, providing a custom approach in the treatment of stones and soft tissue.1 The StoneLight 30 Laser System is equipped with a SMA 905 connector allowing the operator to attach disposable or reusable CoolTouch Branded Holmium Laser Fibers or other compatible laser fibers.4

Dependability / Fiber Test Port

To ensure optimal light transmission, the StoneLight 30 Laser System features an integrated Fiber Test Port that assesses and confirms the proper output of repaired or reprocessed fibers prior to the next use insuring fiber integrity.1


Pin-point precision enables access to difficult spaces while protecting surrounding tissue. The green colored aim beam with adjustable intensity helps provide clear visibility of beam on target at the treatment site.1

Safety / Reliability

The StoneLight 30 has a built-in self-test control measure6 after each setting change to ensure the device is delivering the appropriate amount of energy at the chosen parameters. This increases patient safety and helps reduce the need for scheduled maintenance. There is additional safety mechanism of remote interlock, without which, the system cannot fire and a warning message is displayed.1


Standard 200/240V electrical requirements teamed with a rugged and reliable design5 enables the ease of transporting the StoneLight 30 Laser System between operating rooms.


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