With the CoolTouch CTEV laser treatment, you can easily be free from these symptoms almost immediately with a simple, virtually pain-free office-based procedure. Many people have put off treatment for their varicose veins thinking they would have to face vein stripping, which is a major surgery requiring hospitalization, general anesthesia, several weeks of recovery time, and results in significant scarring, pain and other potential risks and complications.

Now there is no reason to postpone treatment and continue enduring the pain, discomfort and unsightly disfigurement that is often caused by varicose veins – just ask your doctor for the CoolTouch CTEV laser procedure today!

Before Photograph of CTEV | Varicose Vein Treatment, Laser Vein Ablation After Photograph of CTEV | After treatment for varicose veins using the CTEV for varicose veins
Before Treatment After Treatment

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