“I’ve had spider veins my whole life. I’m a hairdresser so I been on my feet for a lot of years and I’ve had 3 pregnancies and my mom has spider veins. All of those factors are contributing I’m sure to the fact that I have these ugly spider veins. Over the years I’ve gone into various doctors and had them do sclerotherapy on them cosmetically. I didn’t realize the pain I was in was caused so much from the veins. I didn’t think I had varicose veins because I didn’t have big bulging ones. The first visit that I came in and saw Dr. Forrestal he did an ultrasound on both legs and found that I had varicose veins on both legs even though they weren’t outwardly bulging veins. They were there and that’s what was causing all the spider veins and all the pain for me not being able to sleep. I had the procedure, it was painless and I went to work the next day”
- Joanne



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